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Vision of Awareness
God's Vision for the band ‘SIMPLE TRUTH’ to save new generation X. Particularly the youth of this world, from the bad habits like drugs abuse, pornography, alcohol, etc. For Salvation, music is one way through which we can save the youth in this generation and the generations to come. Music has no bars, no castes, no religion but brings each individual closer to each other with out any hesitation. Music keeps worship and faith going strong and keeps the crowd healthy and happy in their mood. There is a peace and harmony when they come together musically, makes every thing clean and clear for each other. ‘SIMPLE TRUTH’ was formed by Dr. Wolfy from Germany and Mr. Stanley Vaz (ex Seby & the Wings) from Goa in the year 1995, which is based in Delhi. In the year 1998 their 1st Album 'Early in the Morning' was released with a Indo-German music blend. , their ‘2nd Album End of the Night’ was released in 2008. Their plans to release the third album have been set to early next year. Not only they perform their original numbers but also do cover versions on a demand for Corporate/Private Parties, Annual Day Functions, Anniversaries, Award Ceremonies, felicitations, Receptions, College fete and festivals. The genre of music they perform are Gospel Rock, Pop, Rock, Blues, Indo-western blend.
Quick Contacts
PHONE : 9810031978
EMAIL : Stanley@simpletruth.in
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